Qivive celebrates its first birthday!
Six new lawyers last year

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Qivive Avocats & Rechtsanwälte, one of the leading Franco-German law firms, celebrates its first birthday today.

Previously, the firm traded under the name of Kühl Rechtsanwalts GmbH since 2001 and was the eponymous partner of the law firm Epp & Kühl. Since the umbrella brand was discontinued in June 2020, the law firm has been operating under Qivive.

The first year with the new name was very successful for Qivive. Despite the pandemic situation, the firm's revenue increased by more than 20 %. Moreover the teams were enlarged in the three offices in Cologne, Paris and Lyon.

In total, six new professionals joined the firm last year, bringing the total number of professionals to 26. In Cologne, Anne Briswalter from Mazars (corporate and legal tech) and Audrey Bouffil from Noerr (German labour law) joined the team. Matthias Louette (French insolvency law), Julie Spinola from Soffal (French labour law) and Lorène Montméas from IBM (French contract law) joined the team in the Paris office. Last but not least, Marie Marchi from Aguera Avocats (French labour law) will represent Qivive from now on.

“With Qivive, we have created something completely new in the Franco-German legal advice market. Qivive is an efficient and dynamic team, with over 80 percentage of women, advising at the highest level in French and German commercial law using the latest technologies. At the same time, our firm attaches great importance to personal relationships (internal and external) and employee satisfaction through a good work-life balance” states Managing Director Dr. Christophe Kühl.

The concept seems to be working: The ongoing inflow of mandates but also the high number of applications from professionals and trainees confirm the attractiveness for clients and staff.

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