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26.08.21 Labour law "Schadensersatz wegen unterlassener Verlängerung der Arbeitszeit und unterbliebener Information über freie Arbeitsplätze" – Anmerkung zu BAG, Urteil vom 21.01.2021 – 8 AZR 195/19
12.07.21 Real estate / Estate law Das eheliche Erbrecht in Frankreich (djbZ 2/2021 | pages 59-104)
01.07.21 Labour law „Keine Weiterbeschäftigung nach § 78a BetrVG bei dualem Studium“ – Anmerkung zu BAG, Beschluss vom 17.06.2020 – 7 ABR 46/18
29.06.21 Arbitration Relaunch der ICC-SchO: Wettlauf der ICC-SchO mit der DIS-SchO? (IWRZ 3|21 pages 97-144)
15.04.21 Arbitration Revision of the IBA Rules on the Taking of Evidence in International Arbitration
24.02.21 Labour law Instructions for working from home in France
19.02.21 Labour law In France, fathers will be allowed to spend more time with their newborns
02.02.21 Competition law Unfair presentation of branded products in France
22.01.21 Labour law Employers have to enable working from home in Germany
18.01.21 Labour law Disabled employees and obligations of the German employer
01.12.20 Litigation Projet Find an expert (JUST-AG-2016-05 – 766374) – Finalisation du projet : publication des fiches d’informations
23.11.20 Labour law Working from home in Germany: What you need to know
01.11.20 Litigation Find an Expert – Publication of Information Sheets on the European e-Justice Portal
02.10.20 Litigation L’exploitation du rapport d’expertise français par le juge allemand : la toute-puissance de l’article 35 du règlement Bruxelles I bis
06.05.20 Labour law Corona : Further assistance for employees in Germany
27.04.20 Competition law Sunshine Act in France: declaration obligations for health actors
06.03.20 Contract law / GTC Reform of extended producer responsibility in France
02.03.20 Labour law Required action for your French subsidiary company
28.01.20 Corporate law Compliance and taxes: Gifts to customers in France
28.01.20 Contract law / GTC On the waiting period for late delivery in France

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